Statements to the Media

Statement regarding the sale of the yacht Equanimity 3 April 2019

Equanimity is owned by Equanimity (Cayman) Ltd., but given the fact that Mr Low is inevitably drawn into the media coverage over the yacht’s mishandling by the Malaysian Government, he issues the following statement through his lawyers:

The bargain-basement sale price accepted by the Mahathir Government for the yacht Equanimity is the final chapter in yet another tale of the regime’s incompetence and disregard for the rule of law.

Let us be clear, had the Mahathir Government not illegally seized the Equanimity from Indonesia and docked it in a hazardous environment at Port Klang, the vessel would have maintained its value and avoided a fire sale.

Proceeds from the sale have been further eroded by expenditure on the vessel’s upkeep – reportedly some US$3.5 million (RM14.3 million).

It took the Mahathir Government twice as long as they promised to sell the yacht, the auction flopped and the ‘transparent’ sales process the Mahathir Government committed to at the outset has been subject to multiple abrupt changes – largely forced on the Government through their own incompetence.  

The Mahathir Government has shown that they are prepared to trash the value of the Equanimity in a misguided attack on their political opponents. 

No wonder recent by-election results demonstrate a growing concern from the Malaysian people.

As we have stated from the beginning, this is a failed PR stunt, which arrogantly ignored court rulings in Indonesia as well as established legal proceedings in the US.


The media reports on the alleged actions that the Mahathir regime are now seeking to freeze bank accounts purportedly linked to Mr. Low, after recently attempting to suddenly summarily seize their family home of 20 years which the many governments in over a decade have not, clearly demonstrate the regime’s persistent strategy of harassment and political persecution against their perceived opponents by any means necessary.

Once again, the Mahathir regime has ignored the rule of law, and in a clear abuse of power is seeking to exploit the attorney general’s office and police force to attack opponents and do Mahathir regime’s personal bidding.

This is yet another example of Mahathir regime’s trial by media and is further evidence that it is simply not possible to receive a fair trial in Malaysia.

STATEMENT REGARDING the seizure of 69 Tanjong Bunga Park 23 march 2019

Media reports allege that a seizure notice was left outside the home of Mr. Low’s family. The public manner in which this alleged notice was posted and disseminated to the media is yet another example of the Mahathir regime’s ‘trial by media’.

The Low family property was built and completed around twenty years ago, during Mahathir’s previous administration. This was more than a decade before 1MDB ever existed and at that time Mr. Low was still a teenager.

The property has never been of interest to any Malaysian government in the previous two decades. This purported seizure of a property unconnected to any of the allegations is a blatant demonstration of Mahathir’s politicisation of the issues and is yet another example of the regime’s practice of usurping the rule of law, further demonstrating that Mr. Low cannot get a fair trial.

It is clear that the Mahathir regime’s intent is to score ‘political wins’ by taking aim at Mr. Low through whatever means possible, irrespective of the law or basic human rights.


Equanimity is owned by Equanimity (Cayman) Ltd., but given the fact that Mr Low will be inevitably drawn into the media coverage over the US court granting the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) motion to dismiss its forfeiture action against the yacht, he issues the following statement through his lawyers:

The DOJ, with the consent of Equanimity (Cayman) Ltd., have agreed to seek dismissal of this action.

While it is not a perfect outcome, it is reasonable and understandable, given the brazenness of the Mahathir Government in illegitimately seizing the yacht from Indonesia, in a blatant violation of Indonesian law and with no regard for a US court order designed to ensure all parties were afforded their full rights under law.

Indeed, by illegally seizing the Equanimity, where the DOJ had been willing to cover the substantial cost of the vessel’s upkeep, docking it in a hazardous environment at Port Klang, and then subjecting the vessel to poorly-controlled media and public access, the Malaysian Government is solely responsible for substantially eroding the yacht’s value.

 Not surprisingly, the hapless Mahathir regime, in a disastrous PR stunt, failed to sell the vessel at fair market value at auction.

 Mr Low recognizes that, as a result of the DOJ’s motion to dismiss the action against the Equanimity with the consent of Equanimity (Cayman) Ltd., the US court has made no negative findings or rulings against Mr. Low regarding the US Government’s allegations in the forfeiture complaint, and there have been no admissions of any wrongdoing, as is consistent with Mr Low’s position of maintaining his innocence.