Jho Low

Jho Low is the CEO of Jynwel Capital and a global entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor..

Jho Low is the CEO of Jynwel Capital and a global entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. Welcome to his official website.

Social Investment


Jho Low is a global philanthropist who believes in investing in big ideas that have the power to transform the way in which people live. Through Jynwel Charitable Foundation, he funds break-through initiatives that scale and accelerate advancements across the pillars of global public health, conservation and education.

At the heart of Mr. Low’s social investment strategy is a phased approach to disruptive philanthropy:

Our Phased Approach

  1. Dig Deep: Tackle the biggest issues by researching and connecting with experts until we discover and understand the root cause.

  2. Collaborative Design: Convene partners across sectors and around the world to design the most effective programs, driving towards cross-continental approaches and funding that brings the global North and South together.
  3. Think Very Long-Term: Commit for 15-30 years – or longer – to drive solutions to the most pressing problems; the world's most complex challenges cannot be solved in three to five years.
  4. Invest Big: Look for the greatest return on social investment; investments are successful when programs can be brought to scale globally.
  5. Measure to Grow: Evaluate each program every step of the way and leverage partners who can drive the most progress and impact.

More details about Mr. Low’s social investment partners can be found on the grantee page of the Jynwel Foundation website.

Mr. Low spends significant time counseling organizations on organizational design, marketing and fundraising through the following board appointments: