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The Malaysian regime does not respect the rule of law, or due process in any jurisdiction

The Straits Times: US Justice Department seeks clarity on Malaysia's intentions for 1MDB-linked luxury yacht Equanimity – 7 Aug 2018

“Indonesia's handover of the luxury yacht Equanimity to the Malaysian government has put both countries in the crosshairs of the US Department of Justice.

…armed officers of the Indonesia National Police (INP) and Malaysian officials seized the luxury 92m vessel without any coordination with the DOJ…”This is troubling because pursuant to an order of the Central District of California, the DOJ was the custodian of the yacht and paying for its maintenance and crew," Equanimity Cayman said in a statement issued on Tuesday”

The Straits Times reports that Indonesian Police and Malaysian officials commandeered the yacht Equanimity and handed it over to the Malaysian authorities. The article further reports that, despite claims by the Malaysian Government that this was done with the knowledge of the US Government, filings by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) in the Central District Court of California state that the DoJ had no prior knowledge of the yacht being commandeered. The DoJ sought a suspension of United States court proceedings on the matter, to give it time to "inquire with Malaysia through formal channels what its intentions are with respect" to the yacht. 

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Bloomberg: Jho Low Calls Handover of Yacht Linked to 1MDB Probe ‘Illegitimate’ – 5 Aug 2018

“It is a violation of an Indonesian law and court decision by a politically motivated Malaysian government”

Bloomberg reports Mr Low’s statement that the decision by the Indonesian Government to hand over the yacht Equanimity to Malaysia violates United States and Indonesian law. A statement from Mr Low’s lawyers said that Malaysia had decided to “illegitimately” acquire the yacht Equanimity. “It is a violation of an Indonesian law and court decision by a politically motivated Malaysian government…The USDOJ has argued that it is critical that they have possession to ensure the asset retains its value until a fair court hearing can determine final ownership and the rights of all the parties involved”.

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The 1MDB case is being tried via the media; with no respect for law in Dr Mahathir’s government, a fair trial in Malaysia is impossible

Reuters: Malaysian financier wanted in 1MDB probe says he will not surrender – 17 Aug 2018

“Low will not submit to any jurisdiction where guilt has been predetermined by politics and self-interest overrules legal process” 

“Low was responding to a Wall Street Journal story on Friday that cited unnamed Malaysian officials…Reuters could not verify the Journal story.” 

Reuters reports on a statement from Mr Low’s lawyers, which states that there is no jurisdiction where Mr Low will receive a fair hearing and that his guilt has been pre-determined due to political interference with legal process. The article further reports that the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing anonymous sources, reported that a request to extradite Low would be high on the agenda of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad during a trip to China but that Reuters could not verify the WSJ story.

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The DoJ are increasingly focusing their investigation on the role of Goldman Sachs and other large financial institutions

The New York Times: Goldman Sachs Is said to be under U.S. scrutiny in Malaysian inquiry – 7 August 2018

“The result of the tug-of-war within the Justice Department is that the investigation is now more intensively focused on the potential culpability of Goldman Sachs”

The New York Times reports that the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating Goldman Sachs and its role in the 1MDB issue, citing four people close to the inquiry. Goldman Sachs has repeatedly played down its role in 1MDB, saying it was unaware of how money from the fund was used. The article reports that the investigation was formerly focused on allegations that Malaysian financier Mr Low was involved, led by Los Angeles prosecutors. Since late 2016 when Brooklyn prosecutors started to investigate, they have primarily focused on Goldman Sachs, and the role of large financial institutions.

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Saudi Arabia Refutes DOJ Allegations

The Guardian: Saudi Arabia says money sent to Malaysian PM was a 'genuine donation' – 14 Apr 2016

“The Malaysian Attorney General…said the cash was a gift from the royal family in Saudi Arabia”  

“[The] …Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir said: “It is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return.” 

The Guardian reports that Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir stated that funds sent to Prime Minister Najib Razak was a “genuine donation” and emphasized that nothing was expected in return. Prime Minister Najib reiterated these sentiments, stating that the money was a donation from the Saudi Royal Family. As the Saudi Foreign Minister noted, the Attorney General of Malaysia completed a thorough investigation which found no wrongdoing with respect to this transfer.

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Mahathir, obsessed with being a “strongman”, and unashamed of his racist views, is bad for Malaysia’s long term interests

The Times of Israel: Virulently anti-Semitic Malaysian PM says he should be allowed to criticize Jews - 13th Aug 2018

“[Prime Minister] Mahathir Mohamad, who has accused Jews of ‘Nazi cruelty’ and seeking to wipe out all Muslims, says ‘Anti-Semitic’ is ‘an invented term to prevent criticizing Jews for doing wrong’”

“1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews,” [Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad] said...“There must be a way. And we can only find a way if we stop to think, to assess our weaknesses and our strength, to plan, to strategize and then to counterattack… [t]he Europeans killed six million Jews out of 12 million.” 

The Times of Israel reports that Malaysia’s avowedly anti-Semitic Prime Minister claimed in an interview with Associated Press that accusations that he was anti-Semitic were meant to silence his criticisms of Jews “for doing things wrong.” Mahathir – who has previously written that “Jews rule this world by proxy” and that “the Jews are not merely hook-nosed, but understand money instinctively” – has openly suggested that Jews seek to “wipe out” all the world’s Muslims, and has repeatedly cited to the Holocaust as an example Muslims could emulate as a “plan, to strategize and then to counterattack.”

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The Straits Times: Singapore water deal, Mahathir seeks over tenfold price hike – 14 Aug 2018

“Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has said he wants to increase the price of raw water supply to Singapore by more than 10 times”

In an interview with the Associated Press, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad stated that the 1962 Water Agreement for Malaysia to supply water to Singapore is “too costly” and “ridiculous”. Mahathir has reignited a decades-old dispute between the neighbouring countries. In stark contrast to Mahathir’s incendiary rhetoric, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that, Malaysia lost its opportunity to review the price of water in 1987, and that while Singapore will honour the terms of the 1962 deal, it expects Malaysia to do the same. 

Whether or not Mahathir, with his well-documented history of reneging on deals, continues to mistreat his southern neighbour, one thing is certain: by using the price of water as a tool for bullying, Mahathir does a great disservice to Malaysia’s image abroad.

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Upcoming books on this subject, could be movie scripts, but are light on fact, or truth

Financial Times: Corruption, vanity and greed: the story of 1MDB – 7 September 2018

“Frustratingly for the authors there are many loose endings. As they note at the beginning, no public charges of wrongdoing have been filed against most of the major characters…and all have denied committing crimes and maintained the transactions were legal”

The Financial Times reviewed a book on the topic of 1MDB. Describing a “richly woven story”, where the authors “occasionally get carried away”, at one point reporting as fact, the thoughts of a man who is deceased. The article clearly recognises the intention of the authors to create a narrative fit for a Hollywood movie in concluding: “if ever Hollywood gets round to telling the story on screen, here is perfect material for the script”.

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